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    Investor Update - NWR Sydney Resources Lunch 2024  
    Australian Mine Waste Symposium 2024  

Creating Value From Waste Rock Dumps With The Use of Sorting Technology

    2023 AGM CEO Presentation  
    IMARC 2023 Recommercialisation of Mt Carbine Mine  
    IMARC 2023 Mining Spotlight Investor Presentation  
    Noosa Investor Presentation  
    EQR Webinar Recording Link - Mt Carbine Project Update  

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    Presentation Discussion on Mt Carbine BFS and Outlook 2022  
    EQ Resources CEO Kevin MacNeill presentation from the NWR Resources Series  
    Developing Northern Australia Conference 2021 Presentation by Kevin MacNeill  
    Morgans Chris Brown interview with CEO Kevin MacNeill at Noosa Mining Conference 2021  
    Noosa Mining Conference 2021 Presentation by Kevin MacNeill  

View the replay of EQ Resources' (ASX: EQR) Noosa Mining & Exploration Conference Presentation 

    Investor Presentation  
    CEO Interview with Paydirt TV  

Paydirt TV Interview with our CEO Kevin MacNeill

    EQR Investor Presentation - Webinar  

View the replay of EQ Resources' (ASX: EQR) investor webinar held on Thursday, March 18 2021.

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