MASAN High- Tech Materials
EQ Resources Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its existing joint venture partner, Cronimet Australia Pty Ltd , and Masan High-Tech Materials related to the Mt Carbine Tungsten Project.

The partnership will exchange knowledge on tungsten exploration, mining, and processing, as well as assess new project opportunities and product applications. This significant partnership emphasises the importance of sustainably produced tungsten and the potential of the project to meet the global demand for critical minerals.

Press Release: EQR Signs Partnership MOU With Masan High-Tech Materials While Australia And Germany Enter Critical Minerals Cooperation

University of Queensland
Cooperation with The University of Queensland and Sustainable Minerals Institute's WH Bryan Mining Geology Research Centre (BRC) for a full microXRF program on Mt Carbine core has given insight into the nature of the mineralisation and the understanding of the high-grade versus barren vein types.

MicroXRF scanning can quantify the mineral species (e.g. scheelite) and other alteration minerals that determine the sample’s position in a dynamic fluid system. Fluid modelling is being used in EQR’s exploration programs.

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The hyperspectral R&D project conducted at Mt Carbine using a multi sensor scanner. Currently 90% of EQR’s drill core has been scanned on a multispectral basis. The scanning recognises various minerals including wolframite and will be utilised on a larger basis in delineation of ore zones within the open cut during mining. Understanding the mineralogy of Mt Carbine assists in interpretation of the fluid flow and temperature models.

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METS Program
In July 2020, the Mt Carbine mine waste transformation project received a $220,000 grant from METS Ignited Australia under the Queensland METS Collaborative Projects Fund. The consortium comprising the Company, CRONIMET, the University of Queensland (WH Bryan Mining and Geology Research Centre), TOMRA Sorting Pty Ltd and DAS Mining Solutions Pty Ltd, undertook a nine-month work program to optimise scale-up application of ore sorting technology (up to 1 million tonnes of waste per year). The project objectives included establishing the physical controls on separation efficiency of Low-Grade Stockpile materials at Mt Carbine and developing integrated mine planning and scheduling models.

Press Release: Government Support (via Queensland METS Collaborative Projects Fund) for Mt Carbine Mine Waste Transformation Initiative.

See Mt Carbine sorting work wins research funding (Industry Queensland, 24 July 2020).

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European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA)
ERMA was set up in September 2020 by the European Commission to secure access to critical and strategic raw materials, advanced materials, and processing know-how for EU industrial ecosystems. EQ Resources is a member and part of the ERMA’s network of a growing number of organisations covering the entire raw materials value chain. This positions us well to leverage the workstreams being undertaken by ERMA to identify barriers, opportunities and investment cases to build capacity at all stages of the raw materials value chain, from mining to waste recovery.

See: EQR Collaboration with the European Raw Materials Alliance

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Queensland Exploration Council
The Queensland Exploration Council’s QE Connect Initiative is an ESG Toolbox for Explorers.

The website provides factsheets, guidelines, standards ,frameworks and case studies of Queensland resources exploration companies that are implementing world-class ESG, everyday.

Staying true to our value, “Lead with Integrity’, EQR continues to provide on-going case studies of its ESG initiatives with the aim of genuine leadership and inspiration to contribute to a better tomorrow.



ARTEH Partnership for GHG Emissions Tracking

Collaborating on a pilot greenhouse gas emissions tracking scheme with ARTEH, we gain valuable insights into our emissions data, identify areas for improvement, and proactively reduce our environmental impact.

Case Study: EQ Resources' Collaboration With Arteh: Advancing ESG Excellence In The Mining Industry.

Tomra XRT Sensor-Based Sorting Technology:

Integration of Tomra advanced sorting technology optimises resource efficiency, streamlines costs, and reduces energy consumption, improving resource, cost, and energy efficiencies for responsible and sustainable resource extraction.

Watch: EQ Resources' Mt Carbine Tungsten Mine : Circular Economy Showcase With Tomra

Strong Partnerships for Environmental Conservation:

Collaborating with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group, we actively contribute to the preservation and conservation of our natural environment.

See: EQR Responsibly Mining and Engaging in Wildlife Conservation.