Circular Economy

EQ Resources decouples economic growth from environmental degradation by implementing a circular economy approach to its operations.

Under our circular economy approach, EQ Resources utilises advanced sensor-based sorting technology, specifically X-ray transmission, to process historical stockpiles with low tungsten content. This ground- breaking technology allows us to economically extract valuable tungsten while recycling clean waste material, thereby reducing our environmental footprint. The application of sensor-based sorting also enables us to maintain a larger size fraction of the feed material, resulting in significant reductions in energy and water consumption during downstream processes. Additionally, we produce aggregates for our EQR-owned quarry, further promoting sustainable practices.

Our team of experts is dedicated to continuously optimising the process to maximise tungsten recovery and ensure the beneficial reuse of the final waste rock as aggregates through our well-established quarry business. This operation embodies a circular economy approach, driving the production of critical minerals like tungsten while simultaneously producing sustainable and responsibly sourced quarry products for the development of the Far North Queensland region.

We are proud to have our circular economy initiatives recognised by the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) through the 2022 Environment Award. This prestigious award further validates our commitment to sustainable development and environmental excellence, inspiring us to continue our journey towards a more circular and sustainable future.