Our Purpose, Values & Positioning

Our Purpose

Resourcing the new economy for a better tomorrow

We are a value-oriented resources company, sustainably producing and managing new economy minerals and metals. We maximise the potential of our assets through resource-efficiency and investment in our people to deliver materials that are critical for a better tomorrow. It’s how we drive value in our operations, approach new opportunities and at the same time deliver positive societal impact while minimising our environmental footprint.

Our Values

Act Safe. Feel Safe.

  • Act safe at work. Care and respect each other. 
  • Feel safe to be yourself. 

Embrace Difference

  • Diversity of thinking, skills and background creates value and drives innovation.

Tread Lightly

  • Embed resource efficiency to minimise environmental footprint and deliver positive societal impact.

Dig Deep

  • Go one better. Strive to continuously learn and improve. Challenge the status quo.

Buddy Up

  • Collaboration is key to realising shared value.

Lead with Integrity

  • Have courage to do the right thing. Be accountable.

Our Positioning

Resource Efficient

  • We support the transition to a low carbon future and are committed towards sustainable development of natural resources.
  • We produce minerals and metals in a way that decouples growth from environmental degradation;
    for example, by extracting from secondary sources.
  • We integrate advanced technologies to increase resource-, cost- and energy efficiencies.


  • We ‘leapfrog’ old models and methods, and adopt new ways to maximise the potential of our assets.
  • We invest in our people to enable, empower and retain a productive workforce.
  • We consider sustainability a catalyst for long-term profitability and to increase shareholder value.

Critical for Tomorrow

  • We target new economy and critical minerals and metals that are in high demand to meet the global shifts in energy, industry and sustainability.
  • We look for opportunities to innovate raw materials to deliver higher value and more environmentally-friendly products.
  • We focus on continuously strengthening our portfolio with a mix of revenue-generating assets and promising exploration projects.