EQ Resources and The Australian Mining Industry : From Waste to Green Technology


At EQ Resources, we hold our key value of 'Tread Lightly' close to heart, prioritising environmental stewardship throughout our operations. We are deeply committed to sustainable re development of the historic Mt Carbine Mine and minimising our environmental impact.

  • Recognised environmental contributions: In 2022, EQ Resources received the prestigious AMEC Environment Award for our significant environmental contributions and unwavering support for a low carbon future at the Mt Carbine Tungsten mine.

  • Active participation in AMEC's 'More Resourceful Than Ever' campaign: Alongside industry leaders, we challenge negative assumptions about the mining sector by focusing on how through sustainable mining, we can positively contribute to clean energy, renewables, minimise waste, and improve conservation, propelling us towards a more sustainable future.
  • Extensive environmental studies and assessments: Rigorous evaluations, including noise, air, and vibration analyses, waste management plans, flora and fauna studies, water engineering works, groundwater modelling, and water management plans. Taking a proactive approach to guide our operations, whilst ensuring minimal environmental footprint.

  • Pursuit of renewable energy integration: Actively exploring opportunities to incorporate renewable energy sources into our operations and rehabilitation planning, we reduce our overall carbon footprint and foster a sustainable future.

  • ARTEH partnership for GHG emissions tracking: Collaborating on a pilot greenhouse gas emissions tracking scheme with ARTEH, helping us to gain valuable insights into our emissions data, identify areas for improvement, and proactively reduce our environmental impact. Case Study: EQ Resources Collaboration With Arteh: Advancing Esg Excellence In The Mining Industry

  • Mt Carbine Retreatment Project: Extracting tungsten from tailings and rock waste stockpiles, we reduce the need for further extraction and safeguard valuable resources, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable tungsten production.

  • XRT sensor-based sorting technology: Integration of Tomra advanced sorting technology optimises resource efficiency, streamlines costs, and reduces energy consumption, improving resource, cost, and energy efficiencies for responsible and sustainable resource extraction.

  • Strong partnerships for environmental conservation: Collaborating with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Mitchell River Watershed Management Group, we actively contribute to the preservation and conservation of our natural environment.

At EQ Resources, our commitment to treading lightly is ingrained in everything we do. We strive to minimise our environmental impact, drive innovation, and actively pursue initiatives that empower our community and contribute to the decarbonisation journey. Together, we are shaping a brighter future and working towards net-zero.

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